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Songdo Global University

"Songdo Global University ― A cradle for the production of global talents, R&D and forum for knowledge and cultural exchanges linking the East and the West"

What is SGUC?

The SGUC(Songdo Global University Campus) was established with the aim of producing next-generation global talent that will lead Korea's industries based on knowledge, culture and arts. The SGUC hosts a total of 10 world-leading universities to offer premium higher education to domestic and international students and attract outstanding students from abroad. This ensures cultural exchanges and information in addition to knowledge.

Future Vision for SGUC

Cradle for production of global talent and R&D

In today's education market where national boundaries are diminished and globalization flourishes, students at SGUC are given opportunities to expand beyond spatial limitations. The students will serve as the next-generation, knowledge-based engines of growth. Active exchange with enterprises and research institutes will also help enhance Korea's R&D capabilities beyond academic knowledge through success in international competition.

Forum for knowledge and cultural exchanges between the East and the West

SGUC will become a forum for heralding a "new cosmopolitan civilization" where excellent talent from different cultures in the East and the West learn together, share each other's cultures and interact with each other.

Global learning community developed as an educational and R&D hub

The SGUC will play a leading role as an educational cluster and maintain its standing as the world's best education and R&D hub with quality education, unmatched educational infrastructure and proactive industry-university-research exchange.


To produce next-generation global talent and emerge as an acclaimed educational hub of Northeast Asia, the development of the SGUC has been progressing in phases since 2005. Construction of the campus began in earnest in October 2009 when final establishment agreements with three foreign universities were concluded. SUNY Korea officially launched in March of 2012. The undergraduate program of SUNY Korea and George Mason University and Utah are scheduled to open in 2013, and Ghent University of Belgium will begin operations in 2014.

Progress in SGUC Development

Year History
August 17, 2007 Decided to pursue the attraction of foreign educational and academic institutions within the Incheon Free Economic Zone (19th Free Economic Zone Committee meeting)
May 2008 Decided to provide the funding to promote the attraction of foreign educational institutions (Presidential Council on National Competitiveness)
July 25, 2008 Established the plan to develop the Songdo Global University Campus
- MOUs for joining the Songdo Global University Campus entered into with six prestigious American universities (four-year undergraduate programs)
- Final agreements for establishment signed by SUNY Stony Brook (December 2008), NCSU (March 2009) and UD (October 2009)
February 2009 Developed the master plan
March 26, 2009 Establishment of a special-purpose company (SPC) named Songdo Global University Campus
March 27, 2009 Formulated the action plan for the Songdo Global University Campus development project
April 14, 2009 Approved the project plan (Incheon City Council)
May 20, 2009 Held the groundbreaking ceremony for the Songdo Global University Campus (with the participation of the Minister of Knowledge Economy and the Mayor of Incheon)
July 14, 2009 Submitted the development/execution plan approval (bills) to the Free Economic Zone Committee
July 31, 2009 Initiated Phase 1 construction in Zones 1 and 2
November 16, 2011 Gained temporary use approval on Phase 1 construction in Zone 1
February 23, 2012 Incorporated the Songdo Global University Foundation
March 3, 2012 Opened SUNY Korea
March 19, 2012 Held the opening ceremony for the Songdo Global University Campus-SUNY Korea